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Whisky Samba footage shows woman lied about bar brawl


GURUGRAM: The CCTV footage in the alleged molestation case at Whisky Samba restaurant on July 27 has revealed the woman, who is a complainant along with her husband, was not molested. Neither was her husband thrashed by the male patron, who had approached the woman for a dance.

A cop probing the case said an FIR was filed at the women’s police station, based on the woman’s complaint. The footage, which TOI has seen, shows the incident took place at 11.58pm, not 4am as reported earlier. The woman can be seen dancing with other women, when the male patron approaches her, at which she politely declines by pointing at her husband, who is seen outside the restaurant.

At being refused, the male patron backs off. There is no sign of misbehaviour or molestation. Then the husband, who had been observing proceedings from outside, enters and asks the male patron to step outside. From the footage, it is clear there is no violence inside the restaurant premises. It is the husband who picks up a brawl outside, contrary to what he had reported to police.

When the husband began thrashing the male patron outside the restaurant, the manager and two security guards intervened to control the situation. The restaurant spokesperson said, “Our manager intervened and asked the patrons to amicably sort the issue and leave. After this, local authorities took over. It proves that all allegations reported in the media are baseless. We’ve cooperated with police in the probe, and shared CCTV footage.” He added, “The footage shows we shut down the restaurant at 1am as per law, and that most of the patrons on the night were single women and couples. It also proves our current crowd-profiling policy is working well.”

Jessica Renaud Aparecido, a patron from Brazil currently living in Delhi, said, “I was at Whisky Samba on Thursday night. We felt safe and had a great time. I was surprised at the news, as nothing like this has ever happened there before.” Sakshi Choubey, another regular, said, “We’ve never felt unsafe. I choose to go to Whisky Samba as the crowd is great and the management super-efficient.”

When contacted, investigating officer said the FIR was filed at Mahila police station on the basis of the complaint given by the woman. “We are investigating the matter,” the officer said.

 Source: Times of India

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