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Slow service loses 90% guests in the UK


87% would not return & 97% would tell their friends of restaurants with slow service. Though, only 48% will complain while at the outlet.

Almost nine out of 10 Britons boycott a pub or restaurant in protest against slow service, according to the latest research from HospitalityGEM. It shows the vast majority of people will avoid a pub or restaurant and tell their friends to do the same if they have a single experience of slow service.

The study by the guest experience management experts shows that customers are less than forgiving when it comes to a single incident, with an overwhelming 87% cent not returning to a pub or restaurant after a slow-service experience.

And the additional bad news for catering companies is that an overwhelming 95% tell their friends about a single incident.

But the survey of 775 diners shows that less than half – 48% – would complain to staff about the slow service while at the venue. More than half – 57% – want to wait less than five minutes to be seated with two thirds of would-be diners – 65% – wanting their order taken within 5-10 minutes. Almost three quarters – 72% – put aside an hour for pub lunch during the week.

On their experience as a whole, diners expect to only take an hour over lunch in a pub or restaurant during the week. “Our research clearly demonstrates the need for operational processes and training to support a fast, effective service,” said Steven Pike, MD, HospitalityGEM.

“However, it is also about reading the guest’s needs and recognising the appropriate pace. The silent impact on your brand when the pace is wrong – and too slow is a more common complaint than too fast – can be significant.

“With less than half of customers saying that they would complain while on-site, it can be difficult for operators to even be aware of problems before they leak into the guest’s recommendations. This demonstrates the need for a comprehensive evaluation system that can compare the experience against the brand standards and highlight areas where improvement is needed,” he added.

Source: Mirror

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