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Sigh of relief


Popular chef Manu Chandra, the man behind successful restaurants (with offbeat names) Toast and Tonic, Fatty Bao, Monkey Bar, etc, like many in the F&B industry, has had a challenging couple of months due to the court verdict that banned serving liquor next to highways.

While many of his colleagues, like Manish Mehrotra, decided to move their restaurants and relocate, Chandra had decided to wait it out. And finally some relief came in, “2 months of hell. That’s what it was owing to the ridiculously literal reading of a Supreme Court order,” Chandra posted this week to his followers.

“We fought it in court and came close to winning – but finally the apex court saw sense in issuing a clarification. Through this, no one was laid off, nor shorted in their pay,” he continued. And with the ruling finally overturned, the industry can breathe again. “It’ll take a while before we can revive from the beating we’ve taken, but are back stronger!” He signed off. Cheers!

Source: Mid-Day

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