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Now, mobile food testing lab to visit city markets


CHANDIGARH: The mobile Food Testing Laboratory launched by the Food Safety administration last month will now visit various sectors and markets of the city. Earlier, it was stationed at city hospitals only.

Dr Rajinder K Sharma, designated officer in-charge, Food Safety administration, informed, “Now the mobile food testing laboratory will also visit the various sectors and markets of Chandigarh.”

A communication letter regarding this has been sent to Bhaljinder Singh, chairman, Federation of Sector Welfare Association, to coordinate with the Food Safety administration. The Food Safety administration department in the near future will also visit schools, colleges, universities, fruits and vegeta-bles market, among other spots in the city.

Sharma said the information, education, communication activities by the Food Safety Administration will be carried out and lectures, seminars and meetings will be held with the community and food business operations.

“A special drive to check the license certificate and registra-tion certificate will be done and to provide help to the food business operators who haven’t yet made their license and registra-tion certificates,” Sharma said.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has provided the advanced electronic milk adulterants test checking machine to the UT Food Safety administration department. This will be a new addition to the inventory of Mobile Food Testing Lab.

We advise people to get the receipt cash slip from the food business operation and bring the food sample for testing. If the sample fails, the authorities will initiate legal action. -Dr Rajinder K Sharma, designated officer in-charge, food safety administration

The special emphasis during summer will be on non- alcoholic beverages, packed water bottles, fruits and vegetables, meat, cut fruits and checking of milk and milk products.

“The fruit and vegetable food business operation are advised not to ripen the fruits with banned masala and not to use oxytocin injection. The meat and meat product should be authorized, duly stamped by doctor in-charge, slaughter house, Chandigarh,” the doctor said.

He informed that last month 15 out of 70 milk and milk products sample failed the test and 3 out of 15 turmeric samples failed. “The people of Chandigarh are advised to get the receipt cash slip from the food business operation and then bring the food sample for testing. If the sample fails, the authorities would initiate legal action against the operators,” Sharma added.

There is a provision of fine up to Rs. 10 lakh and imprisonment up to 7 years and sealing of the food business operator’s premises and cancelation of the license and the registration certificate.

Source: Hindustan Times
(Photo: www.chapingo.mx)

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