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Beijing restaurant replaces staff with We Chat


The Renrenxiang, a popular restaurant in Beijing has decided to keep cutting human contact out of your life and have you order your food with an app as well.

It has replaced servers with We Chat, China’s most popular messaging app. Diners simply walk into the restaurant, order their meal through the app on their phone, wait for their number to be called and grab their own meal from the kitchen. There’s no human interaction whatsoever, outside of maybe nodding to the cook who made your order or asking another diner, “Is this seat taken?”

“There will be four ‘no’s’ in the restaurant – that is, no waitress, no cashier, no merchandiser and no chef,” said the founder of Rexrenxiang.

He didn’t elaborate on that last point. Maybe things got lost in translation? Maybe Chinese to English translator is one position they shouldn’t fill a computer.

Source: Food & Wine

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