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The myriad rules and licences that are weighing down Delhi’s energetic restaurant sector is on track to be rationalised and business friendly.

Delhi’s AAP-led government is addressing NRAI’s long-pending demands with an offer of an environment conducive to business, including a simplified licensing process and planning tourism hubs with focus on hospitality and dining.

NRAI is in regular dialogue with all levels for the Delhi government, from the tourism minister to senior bureaucrats. There is a definite interest in simplifying the system. The changes introduced this year include migrating the licence renewal process online and approval for microbreweries. There is a definite agenda for the restaurant-based tourism hubs while a special three-member committee let by finance secretary SN Sahai is looking at the licensing process. They are expected to submit their report to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal this month.

The NRAI is upbeat, at least with the reassurances by the government since the result on ground will take some time to materialize. “This is for the first time that so many steps are being taken and we are glad. The result will take a while to show but at least there is movement towards ease of doing business. Not only will this encourage the industry but also increase government revenue,“ said Prakul Kumar, secretary general of NRAI.

Restaurateurs say that multiplicity of agencies, especially for granting licences, is a major point of corruption other than leading to harassment. “While the Centre and previous governments have been talking about ease of doing business, nothing much has changed on ground. Counting all the licensing, permissions and registrations, there are 15-odd types of clearances we require leading to inspector raaj,“ said Kumar.

“Several issues are local like dealing with civic agencies. An example is the health licence given by the corporation. When there is Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, why do we need this additional licence?“ said Kumar.

Source: Time of India