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A fest to promote India’s food heritage


Chefs from across the world will exchange their ideas on India’s gastronomical diversity and heritage as a source for promoting a sustainable lifestyle at a food fest here.

“Tasting India Symposium”, the 3-day event which is set to begin from February 28, will seek to discover some of the lost traditional recipes of culturally rich land.

With themes like- ‘Eat in India | Make in India’ and ‘Junk-Free Food for a Sustainable Planet’, the fest will promote India as a culinary destination while focusing on ways to make the planet free from junk-food for a healthy mind and soul.

The Symposium is being supported by Incredible India, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), EAT Foundation (Stockholm), Indian Association of Tour Operators, National Restaurant Association of India and the Indian Federation of Culinary Associations, besides the tourism departments of Maharashtra and Sikkim.

Short talks on regional Indian cuisines along with a show “Chaupal”- featuring stories of ground-breaking organic farmers from Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Haryana and Rajasthan are among the highlights of the event.

It will also provide an interaction opportunity for delegates from the USA, Sweden, Norway, Turkey and the UAE who will be travelling to areas where a new generation of Indian farmers are changing the face of Indian food production.

“The fest seeks to introduce opinion-makers in the country and around the world to India’s opulent gastronomical heritage and its potential to emerge as a culinary tourism showcase for the world,” the organisers said.

The Symposium will also offer an opportunity for exchange of ideas among people engaged in documenting India’s food history and traditions along with the growing practise of organic farming.

The fest is set to continue till March 2.

Source: Business Standard

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