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Zomato introduces ‘White label’ app for restaurants


The ‘plug-n-play’ is on a subscription model, offering targeted push notifications, real-time information and menu management, and marketing tools.

Zomato’s has launched its Whitelabel platform, a full suite of technology for restaurants to take their business online with custom-branded native mobile apps.

The company feels that traditional, asset-heavy restaurants, will soon be in competition with the new breed of ‘online’ restaurants that are asset-light and mobile first. So its ‘plug-and-play’ platform will power a restaurant’s digital identity with ease, enabling it to tap the growing mobile/online sales & ordering segment that customers are now becoming habituated to.

“While speaking with a lot of restaurant owners, we realised that most of them do not have an app or digital presence and they want to harness the power and distribution of the internet and mobile to grow their business. And that there is no one single service provider for restaurants which can give them the entire suite of technologies required to run an internet presence closely integrated with the operations of their business. We see this as an opportunity to have a larger impact on the food-tech ecosystem, as well as create a larger overlap between tech and food,” said Ashish Goel, chief of product & design, Zomato.

The platform offer features such as targeted push notifications, real-time information and menu management, and marketing tools to merchants at their fingertips. The app is based on a subscription model that bundles Zomato’s existing restaurant management app – Zomato For Business – into each subscription for free. These Whitelabel apps integrate seamlessly into all the ancillary services Zomato offers, such as Online Ordering, Table Reservations, in-app Cashless payments, Loyalty programs and the upcoming Zomato Base (point of sales system).

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