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What It Takes To Set Up A Food Truck In India


Zatar Pizzas, Sindhi burgers, guava chilli ice cream and oreo waffles aren’t dishes you come across in Mumbai often. It’s rarer to find all these delectable food items being served out of food trucks. But, that’s about to change with the the launch of the city’s first ever food truck park in Bandra on Friday. The park is organised and managed by the Mumbai Food Truck Society.

The park consists of 6-10 food trucks serving a plethora of dishes from around the world. If you are wondering why these trucks aren’t actually mobile and moving from place to place, it’s because the law doesn’t provide for mobile food trucks per se.

Food Trucks are actually illegal in the city and the country,” said Roysten Misquitta, founder of the Mumbai Food Truck Society. “This particular solution came to us six months ago along with the authorities and we thought it is a win-win for all food truck owners and foodies in the city.”

He says that food truck owners can’t apply for a hawker’s license or a regular restaurant lincense and since the land in big cities is demarcated as corporator lands, parking lands, advanced locality management (ALM) and no hawking zones, it becomes impossible to set up a food truck business.

That’s why Misquitta and his team were compelled to set up stationary food trucks on rented land in Bandra, Mumbai.

We were present at its launch and spoke to food truck owners, association heads to find out what it takes to set up and run a successful food truck business in a city like Mumbai…

Source: Bloomberg Quint

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