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We will do our part in India’s growth story: Khanna


The hidden story of Indian HORECA’s super hot growth story is its support sector of suppliers and product partners. Challenges, opportunity and optimism abound in equal measure. Leading the venerated HOTREMAI is new president Ajay Khanna, partner at Eagle Forgings.

1. How has the manufacturing sector performed in 2014-15?

Our industry – manufacturers of HORECA products – is based in India. We have not found our roots abroad. Our progress is closely mapped to the swings of the hospitality sector, which in India is fairly stable. The last year was almost the same as now. Results take time, though I feel it will be better in a year’s time. There is a ‘time lag’.

2. What is your outlook for this year?

For things to get better, we need government support and they need to recognise our sector – hospitality and its support industries. There is a strong need to help structure and promote this sector, just as it’s being done in other countries. This will not affect smaller manufacturers, as consolidation is good with collaboration.

3.What are the challenges & growth areas?

We need to consolidate and the get government involved. There are direct and indirect benefits to supporting us. Taxation needs to be urgently looked into while the government needs to understand us and help us understand them. We believe very strongly in India’s growth story and want to do our part in achieving it.

4. As president, what’s your focus and goals for your tenure?

We have a member base of 350, which I would like to grow to 400 this year. We want to expand our base to include smaller suppliers and go outside of our Northern stronghold of Delhi. For this, we’re inducting four vice-presidents, one for each zone (NSEW).

Two big developments I want to achieve in my term are a legal department and partnerships with other manufacturer associations in India as well as the Middle East and South East Asia.

Our legal department will offer members support in their legal compliance and problems. It is crucial to our sector’s development, so its absolute priority for us.

The dialogue with other associations is a matter of synergy and support as borders blur and we look outwards to international opportunities.

The HOTREMAI team (2015-17).


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