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As the voice of the Indian restaurant industry, we represent the interests of 500000+ restaurants & an industry valued @ USD 4 billion. Whether a chain or independent restaurant, the NRAI is here to help every step of the way. Join us!


The NRAI today is both symbolically and functionally the most credible and legitimate organization: Rohan Jetley


Modern and easy going, Rohan Jetley represents the new class of entrepreneur who combine corporate governance with business attitude to provide a style which combines the best of both traditional and modern approach to business. With his clear cut vision, Rohan Jetley, CEO, TGIF, shares his insights on his business and industry with the NRAI.

Tell us about TGIF. What are your expansion plans?

TGI Fridays started in 1996, pioneering casual dining into India. Before us F&B formats consisted of:
1) Extremely high end fine dining with a formal atmosphere attracting a high price point.
2) The other a very casual format which compromised on its product quality.

We were the first format which integrated a premium product into a casual atmosphere.TGI Fridays product offerings consists of innovative American cuisine with a wide variety of cocktails and a vibrant bar atmosphere.

TGI Fridays in India is a JV with Fridays international with their direct equity participation. We are completely debt free company with zero loans and no PE or other third party investment. All restaurants in India are company owned and operated and our development is financed through the internal accruals of the company. We conservatively and opportunistically develop 2-3 restaurants annually.

With the PBCL format growing in the industry, what is your strategy to keep up with the competition?
The strategy has always been and shall remain focused on core essentials of restaurant operations. We remain committed to consistently provide great quality food and drinks day in and day out time and again sprinkled with innovation done periodically to remain relevant.

How has your journey been with the NRAI? How do you plan to strengthen it further?
The NRAI today is both symbolically and functionally the most credible and legitimate organization which unifies restaurants across the country and brings them on one platform. This platform is used for discussion and debate to facilitate change for the better. There is no substitute for an organization of this nature in this country.

My interest in the NRAI has been reinforced in the recent months due to a likeminded President- Riyaaz Amlani who encompasses two traits which I find compelling. These traits are:
1) A young , modern and dynamic approach to the restaurant industry- in terms of his ideology; and
2) His ability to translate that ideology and creativity into reality through tenacious execution of each initiative that he is involved in. By supporting him in his endeavours I feel I am doing my part in strengthen the organisation.

What do you do to unwind yourself, to keep work-life balance?
I regularly practice ISHA yoga however I attribute the biggest stress buster to simply spending quality time with my beloved cocker spaniel- Sasha

One tip / advice you would like to offer to young entrepreneurs aspiring to enter the restaurant business?
“Strategy without execution is Hallucination”- Thomas Edison