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The harder I work the luckier I get: AD Singh


A renowned name in the fields of leisure and restaurants, AD Singh has been at the forefront of the hospitality industry of the country. He has been credited for the introduction of international cuisines and concepts with eminent brands like Olive & SodaBottleOpenerWala. Furnishing a perfect marriage of style, art, culture and cuisine with his restaurants, AD Singh, MD, Olive Bar & Kitchen Pvt. Ltd., shares some insights with the NRAI about his professional & personal journey.

What inspired you to enter the restaurant business?unnamed
A sweet tooth inspired me to open my first place, Just Desserts and I found I loved the business.

According to you, which unique aspect has turned Olive into such a huge success in the country?
A continuous commitment to quality across all aspects of the restaurant business.

How do you manage to maintain a robust rapport with your counterparts from the industry?
I’ve always treated everyone with respect and I think that’s helped our relationships grow over time.

What role has NRAI played over the years for the prosperity of the restaurant industry?
I’ve only started working with the NRAI recently and have been very impressed with the efforts it makes for all of us.

How do you keep a balance between your personal and professional life? What do you do to unwind yourself?
Spend time with my daughter, play sport, read.

Has there been any paradigm shift over the years in the restaurant industry. If yes, what are your views on it?
The industry has matured so much, it feels like a paradigm shift and I think that’s great for restaurateurs and customers alike.

How do you articulate the role of a restaurateur today?
To create and run a restaurant that is viable for all its stakeholders.

What have been your major learnings as a restaurateur?
The harder I work the luckier I get.

What else excites you apart from the restaurant business?
Watching my daughter grow.

One tip/advice you would like to offer to young entrepreneurs aspiring to enter in restaurant business?
Be very careful when you start. Take a franchise or an experienced partner. Invest in a successful group. Don’t do it alone the first time.