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Smoked Wings wins best food photography 2015


A waddling gaggle of geese, six smiling gurnards on fishmongers’ scales and red raindrops from pressed grapes – the finalists of this year’s Food Photographer of the Year competition have been revealed.

The Winner


With his left hand, wings are being put in the smoker. In his right hand, he is smoking a cigarette. “Not politically correct, but he knows what he’s doing. He does this every day,” said the judges. (The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action: David Griffen – Smoked Wings)


Singing Gurnards


These six gurnards look like they are about to start singing. It makes you want to take them home and make a nice bouillabaisse. (Cream of the Crop: Sarah Coghill – Gurnards)


Super Pears


If food portraiture is going to work, you want to reach into the frame and eat it right away,” said the judges. Most people will have seen versions of this in magazines “but this is about as perfect as it comes”. (Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture: Jonathan Gregson – Caramel Pears).


Perfect Smoke


“This chap is cooking an awful lot of things over charcoal” says judge Jay Rayner. “There’s a lot of smoke. You can practically smell it.” (Food for Celebration: Mark Benham – Food Stall, Medieval Festival).


Squid The Hunter


A squid clutches a small fish. Rayner says he likes the colours of the squid and its ink – “and the startled eye of the sardine”. (Politics of Food: Drina Cabral – The Hunter and the Hunted)


The full list of the top entries & winners is available online.

The Food Photographer of the Year is based in the UK. Entries can be made online.

Source: Food Photographer of the Year