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Sit down to a 3D printed meal at London’s newest restaurant


Sit down to a 3D printed meal at London’s newest restaurant

The new pop-up restaurant is serving up a menu of food, made by 3D printers

London is something of a specialist in the pop-up restaurant scene, with an increasingly wide array of dining concepts springing up all over the city. Recent pop-ups include an owl café and a naked restaurant. And if the waiting list for this naturist eatery is anything to go by, London’s pop-up business is definitely booming. Like something straight out of a sci-fi novel, the latest concept offers another offbeat option for curious food lovers.

At Food Ink, diners take their seats on 3D-printed chairs before tucking into a meal created by the same kind of ma-chines. The 3D printers, supplied by a Dutch firm, will make hummus, chocolate mousse and pizza dough. In fact they can craft anything that starts out from being a paste, which is then shaped and accompanied by regular foods.

The restaurant–claiming to be the first of its kind worldwide–started life in Venlo in the Netherlands, back in April. Rather than seeking gastronomic heights, the concept aims to give food fans a glimpseinto the future of food and cookery. The pop-up’s founders will be touring their concept throughout the world over the coming months, heading to Berlin, Dubai, Seoul, Rome, Tel-Aviv, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto, New York, Taipei, Las Vegas, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Austin, Texas, USA, Singapore, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Sydney and Reykjavik.

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Source: DNA