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Ranchi’s Kaveri restaurant suffers night-time robbery of INR 96,000


Guard was asleep, oblivious to the brazen break-in, CCTV capture the act.

The Kaveri, a popular restaurant in Ranchi experienced a night-time robbery last week of INR 96,000 from the cash counter.

The CCTV footage shows the man picking up a dustbin at 02:00 hrs on Thursday, going towards the cash counter to put something in the dustbin and coming out of the shop. The man could not be identified because he was wearing a monkey cap covering most of his face. The thief also had some sweets from the shelves of the restaurant which is famous for its sweets.

The security guard of the restaurant was asleep and did not wake up when the burglar broke the lock and lifted the shutter. The guard found the lock broken when he woke up on Friday morning and informed the restaurant’s manager about a possible theft. The police was later informed about the case.

Lalpur police station officer in-charge Madan Thakur said the man was wearing gloves and monkey cap. “He was in the guise of a sweeper, so that people do not suspect his activities. He was seen going out with dustbin in his hands. The money was kept in the dustbin which he threw outside the restaurant after pocketing the money he had put inside it,” he said.

The restaurant is situated on Circular road which is not desolate at night when heavy vehicles use the road to connect to the NH-33, situated around 2 km from the restaurant. “The traffic on the Circular road might have prompted him to use the guise of a sweeper,” the police officer said.

Source: Times of India

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