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Pune: Restaurateurs adapt menus, go vocal for local



PUNE: With restaurants having to adopt the delivery and takeaway model during the lockdown, there is a silver lining for vendors of local produce. Restaurants that were known to use imported spices, fruits, vegetables or meats, are now turning to local vendors and changing the menu items accordingly.

Dishant Pritamani, founder and owner of The Daily All Day, said the restaurant has made changes to delivery menus primarily due to shortage of ingredients. “A lot of our dishes had imported ingredients, these will have no place on the menu in the short term. We’re relying on local ingredients as much as possible. We will be making the menus shorter to achieve more efficiency with fewer staff,” she said.
Karan Khilnani, a partner at Elephant & Co, said the delivery menu has been shortened to reduce inventory of raw materials. He said once dine-in services resume, hand-held menus would have to go. “QR codes that would allow patrons to view menu on their own cell phones would be in place,” he said.

Rachel Goenka, founder and CEO of The Chocolate Spoon Company that runs a number of restaurants in the city, shared their menus had to be truncated due to large disruptions to the supply chain. “To lower wastage and spoilage, we have been focusing on best sellers and smaller delivery menus. One positive to emerge from this crisis is the increased dependence on local ingredients, which has enabled all restaurants to reduce their carbon footprint,” she said.

The dining out experience also includes the way the food is presented, which can hardly be reconstructed in a takeaway box. Therefore, some restaurants have changed their menus to avoid disappointing customers. Abhijeet Sagare, owner of Marmalade Gourmet & Grapes, said, “Being a fine-dine restaurant, we had to adopt a menu that can be easily packed and delivered fast, without losing quality. “
The restaurant’s plan to survive includes connecting with the guest and customizing the menu to their liking.

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