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NRAI proposes alternate delivery model to empower small and large F&B entrepreneurs



The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) on Thursday said that it is committed to partner with tech solutions where core business decisions are controlled by the restaurants themselves. The restaurant body also said that it seeks a transparent ecosystem which benefits all.

It further stated that keeping such interests in mind, a dedicated tech team has been created which is looking at multiple tech solutions. At TownHall 4.0, “Delivering Profits #OrderDirect” held earlier on Thursday, industry stalwarts discussed ways to mitigate the challenges in #OrderDirect as well as the best practices to follow in order to achieve this objective.

Anurag Katriar, President of NRAI said in a statement, “We are committed to take better control of our business and our customer data and become digitally more self-reliant as an industry. While NRAI has spearheaded this initiative, I firmly believe that this solution will benefit the entire F&B fraternity at large, benefitting lakhs of small restaurants across the country. This humble beginning will give the restaurants an alternative to the current digital landlords. While we will continue to engage with the aggregators to achieve better terms of engagement, NRAI will continue to unveil more industry-friendly tech solutions in the coming days which will hopefully change the contours of this trade and benefit lakhs of business owners rather than a handful of digital giants.”

NRAI reiterated that it is imperative that businesses take larger control of their digital landscapes to protect their long-term interest.

Gauri Devidayal, Partner, Food Matters, said, “There are three important aspects that motivated us to set up our direct ordering platform: Quality, Control and Profit. Quality in terms of experience our guests have in the way the food is delivered. Receiving your pizza held horizontally, not vertically, for instance. Control in terms of data and building a relationship with our customers, after all that’s the foundation of hospitality. Knowing what our customer preferences are and being able to deliver that day after day isn’t possible if you don’t know who you are serving. Similarly, improvement through after sales service isn’t possible if you don’t know who you are serving. Last but not least, is of course profit. This is not just about saving on commissions but also by servicing an increased radius of delivery and therefore having the potential for higher revenues,” she highlighted.

Founded in 1982, NRAI represents the interests of 500000+ restaurants, an industry valued at approximately Rs 4,23,865 crores.

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