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NRAI meets SDMC for resolving issue of use of toilets in restaurants by general public


NRAI expressed concerns of the restaurant industry to the SDMC stressing on safety, security, customer profiling among others regarding the issue of use of toilets in restaurants by general public on Wednesday. NRAI also mentioned that restaurants majorly have 1 urinal which will make it difficult for restaurants to handle people walking in to use the facilities during busy hours.

Mr Riyaaz Amlani, President, NRAI, said, “After several discussions with its members, National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) tabled concerns of restaurateurs to the SDMC Commissioner regarding the matter. As discussed in the meeting, it will be implemented on a trial basis for a period of 4 weeks for women only with discretion of individual restaurateurs covering the security and safety aspects. NRAI is confident that during the next meeting, proposed on May 1, 2017, all the concerns of the industry shall be addressed and provided for by the authorities before any long term implementation of the policy.”

It was NRAI’s second meeting with the SDMC for resolving the matter.

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