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Mumbai food: Bandra gets its very own ‘beer garden’


How does a beer garden survive this brutal summer? By staying indoors! Technically, Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden isn’t so much a garden as it is a beer hall that recreates the outdoors in its interiors. The entrance to Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden has you walking on a faux-grass carpet, while creepers adorn the walls. Inside you find faux-trees, instead of concrete columns, while large French windows create a sense of openness. The seating consists of dark-wood chairs and tables lined up together resemble picnic tables. There’s also a tree-flanked bar area. The ambiance is pleasant. If, however, you’re heading here to sit amidst nature in all its (real) glory, or even just hoping for an al fresco area, you won’t find that here.

Going with the theme, we start with beer. They don’t serve any bottled beers, instead source from the Andheri-based microbrewery, Brewbot. A server informs us that soon home brews will be on the menu. Currently, there are only three beers, all from Brewbot’s selections: Mojo Rising, Skywalker (Kolsh), Black Mamba (Stout), all priced at R225 (before tax).

The server is quick to offer free samples. The samples are generous, consisting of shot glasses topped to the brim. We pick the Black Mamba, which is creamy, and has a distinct flavour of coffee. The bar menu is extensive featuring cocktails, single malts, whiskies from across the globe, vodkas, tequilas, wines and more.

The food menu offers Indian, Oriental and Continental fare. We start with the Oriental section opting for Burnt Garlic Chicken (Rs 225 before tax on the menu, but we were charged R240 before tax). The dish also comes with a vegetarian option, substituting mushrooms (Rs 195) for chicken, and the option of prawns (Rs 240) for sea-food lovers.

It comes served on an all-white platter which contrasts beautifully with the dark wood tables (think Instagram food pictures!). The portions are rather small. Some of the chicken pieces are tender and well-cooked, while the others are chewy. We move on to the Indian menu with Lasooni Kebab picking fish (Rs 270), over chicken (Rs 245) and prawns (Rs 370). Again, this dish too comes in a compact portion.

The fish is tender, and spicy, just how we like it. Finally, we try out their signature pizza, the Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden Special Pizza. This can be served in a vegetarian (Rs 175), or a non-vegetarian option (Rs 195), or a combination of the two — half vegetarian and half non-vegetarian (Rs 195). We opt for the last option. The pizza is delicious; we can taste the freshness in the base. It is mildly spiced, while the mozzarella adds a hint of sweetness. However, the chicken pieces are large, making it difficult to chew.

We then ask to take-away the Triple Schezwan Fried Rice Veg (Rs 280). There’s also a non-vegetarian option priced at (Rs 300), and the Vegetarian Dum Biryani (Rs 250). But the server looks hassled. He informs us that he’s not quite sure if they can offer take-away because they’re out of carry bags (strangely, it was a plastic bag and not plastic containers that put them in a fix). The staff scurried around a bit, and managed.

The food survived and is just as fresh the next day. The portions are much larger for these packed dishes. The Triple Schezwan is much too spicy and the sauce overpowers the flavours of the vegetables. The biryani is palatable and comes with a side of raita.

Kaitlyn’s has no dessert options, but a Bailey’s Irish Cream may work as a substitute, for some.

Overall, the service was excellent. The ambience was good, while the food could have been better. It’s worth a visit, but we’d suggest waiting a bit as they need more time to straighten out the chinks.

Source: mid-day


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