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Move Over Eggs Benedict And Caesar Salad: Mumbai’s Very Own Bachchan Makes An Entry



Various restaurants have named dishes after not just Bollywood celebs but even famous painters. Here’s where to go celeb-hopping for your tummy.

Have a love for ice-creams but don’t want the calories to settle it into those arms? Perhaps slurping on a Michelle Melt might be more appetising. In 2009, a Washington based restaurant named a ice-cream after the then First Lady. But, why look as far as America? Here in Mumbai alone, various restaurants have named dishes after not just Bollywood celebs but even famous painters. Here’s where to go celeb-hopping for your tummy.

The Big Bachchan Slider Bombay Bronx, Breach Candy
The Bombay Bronx at Breach Candy is known for all things Mumbai. Apart from the community table inspired by the dabbawalas, a railway map and a huge painting of Amitabh Bachchan on the wall, the food too is an ode to the city and its people. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see a chicken slider dedicated to Big B.

Pic/Bipin Kokate
Pic/Bipin Kokate

“The idea came to us when we were making a wall poster dedicated to him,” says owner Nakuul Kumar. The grilled slider is made with chicken keema, caramalised onions, tomato slices, cheese, lettuce and served with gun powder mayo. Having named it after one of the biggest names in the country, naturally makes the appetiser a crowd puller. “It gives you a direct hint that it’s going to be big and fabulous just like Bachchan,” he laughs.

Amitabh Bachchan

Da Vinci Tini Hoppipola, Khar
No prizes for guessing that  Hoppipola’s dessert cocktail, made with Baileys, cream and vodka espresso, is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci. The drink is served with a painting brush and palette, where the “colours” include three types of chocolate — dark, white and caramel. Patrons are encouraged to paint inside and outside the glass, in a manner of getting playful with chocolate.

Rs 495
Rs 495

Sandeep Sharma, bartender, says, “The idea is to engage our customers, be it through games, or through our drinks?” Initially, they would ask customers to slip in behind the bar counter and try out the activity. “But, that proved tedious. So, we came up with this concept. And because it’s to do with painting, who better than Da Vinci, to salute?”

Da Vinci Tini

RajiniKhanth Dosa The Junction, Mahim
Formerly an economics teacher at HR College, Vikram R Jumani has always been a huge film buff. When he introduced a line of experimental fusion dosas at his restaurant, he was clear that he wanted to doff his hat to the cinematic greats of Bollywood and also down South.

Rs 99
Rs 99

“In the South it’s of course Rajinikanth and here, it’s the three Khans. That’s why the name is RajiniKhanth.” The dosa in question is a spin-off on the pav bhaji dosa, wherein the bhaji is cooked on the dosa and the process is a spectacle for the customers to see. Jumani was aware that the name would catch on. “The taste was a deciding factor in the popularity of the dosa. It’s a superhit item,” he says.


Sonam Kapoor’s cake Healthy Treats, Pali Hill
Divya Ranglani’s patrons include Kareena Kapoor Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Shahid Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar. But it’s a Sonam Kapoor cake that made her go viral in 2016. “She would order cakes from us quite often. And one day, she decided to post a testimonial where she said the orange and dark chocolate cake is to die for. This was when nobody knew about us,” she says.

Rs 1,200 per kg
Rs 1,200 per kg

After that, calls started pouring in to order the ‘Sonam Kapoor cake’ and before they knew it, the orange and dark chocolate cake had been rechristened. Now that Kapoor has turned vegan, Ranglani has started baking gluten-free and vegan version of the same.

Sonam Kapoor

Dylan’s Galouti Kebab Raasta, Khar
Since music is second nature to Raasta, owner Joy Singh wanted a dish named after American singer-songwriter, Bob Dylan.

Rs 355
Rs 355

“He is a revolutionary artiste. But we wanted the dish to be of Indian origin, because he loves the country,” he says. Singh chose the galouti kebab and gave it a vegetarian twist as Dylan is rumoured to be a vegetarian. “His love for ‘magic mushrooms’ — fungi famed for their psychedelic effects — led us to choose mushrooms as the main ingredient. After a number of trials we finalised this galouti and named it as Dylan’s Galouti,” he says.


Lord Brown’s Gift Gymkhana 91, Lower Parel
At Gymkhana 91, you can drink to Lord Burdoch Brown’s legacy. Concocted using Jim Beam, pineapple juice, peach juice and smoked cinnamon, it is a refreshing and not-too-potent drink dedicated to the British officer for his contribution to spices.

Rs 595. Pic/Ashish Raje
Rs 595. Pic/Ashish Raje

“Brown established the Ancharakany Cinnamon Estate in 1767 under the East India Company. It’s reputed to be Asia’s largest Cinnamon estate,” says owner Aditya Hegde, who introduced the cocktail last September. Since then, it has naturally got guests curious.

“They do ask about the name and story behind it as the drink also involves drama and theatre, because the smoking of the drink is done in front of the guests at the table,” he adds. Hegde says it is common practice at Gymkhanas to dedicate dishes and drinks to somebody iconic, but not so in stand-alone restaurants. “We believe in giving due credit to the person to whom the dish belongs and that’s how the trend started,” he says.

Dara Singh Thali Mini Punjab’s Lake Side, Powai
The Dara Singh thali is not for the weak-hearted. It packs in the best of unlimited eating. It has aloo paratha, chur chur de naan, makki di roti, murg mussalam rice, lamb  yoghurt curry, chicken Amritsari and lot more.

Rs 1,600 (non-veg) and Rs 1,200 (veg)
Rs 1,600 (non-veg) and Rs 1,200 (veg) 

The accompaniments include four types of beverages, three chaat options, a soup, pickle, chutney and seven desserts. In all, the thali packs in 40 items. Jagjit Singh, co-owner says, “It needs a champion to finish it. And who better than our famous Indian professional wrestler Dara Singh.

Dara Singh

Indians looked up to him as a role model.” From Uttar Pradesh, to Punjab, Delhi and Rajasthan, the thali brings together the best of North Indian flavours. While they have not met Dara Singh, his son Vindu Dara Singh has sampled this thali. “He was happy to see a thali named after his father. While eating, he was remembering nuggets about him and his father eating together from one plate during his childhood. Vindu loved the lamb yoghurt curry in the thali,”  adds Singh.

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