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More jobs and time for fun in a 24/7 city, but Bengalureans worry about safety


Security Needs To Be Ramped Up If Proposal Becomes Reality

Bengaluru: Malls and shops being open 24/7 is a thought that is as exciting as it is wor-rying to the city’s residents. While many look forward to leisurely dinners with family and friends and early starts to get errands done, others are concerned about whether the city will remain safe if it’s running round the clock.

“It’s funny that we craved for Bengaluru to be like Mum-bai or Delhi, but now that it may happen, I wonder if the city is ready to go sleepless, even if it means only some establishments will be open all day and night,” said Palash Ruben, a dentist.

The Union cabinet on Wednesday cleared a model law that will allow malls, cinema halls and other establishments to operate 24/7. “This is an interesting move that will perhaps change the life-style of the city. It will change schedules, our leisure time and perhaps allow us to ad-dress issues of what is safe and unsafe,” said Rakesh Narayan, a theatre student.


The younger crowd sees an opportunity for more hours of fun. “Bengaluru has a cosmo-politan crowd that works all hours. To have malls and theatres open 24/7 would mean more time for leisure after a hard day’s work,” said Thushara Mathew, a student.

For the older residents, it could mean more time to get chores done. Jaydev Bhatt, a resident of Sadashivanagar, said shops that open early would make it easier to buy vegetables and groceries. “It would be great to have a Hop-coins or a supermarket in our area that is open early in the morning,” he said.

But for Manisha Sen, who works in a store in Forum Mall, night shifts are an unset-tling thought. “I’d be worried about working so late. But if safety of female employees is taken care of, I wouldn’t mind working through the night.”


Karnataka labour minister Santosh S Lad said he will be focussing on safety of employees so that they can work through the night. “I plan to convene a meeting with the hospitality and retail sectors and request them to introduce more precautions when em-ploying women who work late at night. This is a welcome move. If shops and other es-tablishments are open 24/7, it OUT AND ABOUT: Stores being open all night will allow residents to spend more time with friends as well as get chores done will help families who work late to spend more time together,” he said.


“I would love for Bengaluru to become a 24/7 open city, but I think it will take some time for things to fall into place. If shops remain open through the night, neighbourhoods will become safer but it is also up to the city police to main-tain law and order,” said Dinesh Nayak, a techie. Parmitha Singh, who lived in Dubai for 30 years before moving to Bengaluru, said security had to be good in a city that never sleeps. “The security in Dubai was so good thtat I never hesitated to catch a cab at 2am. There were patrol vehicles after 10pm. I don’t see this here. Even if Bengaluru is open day and night, I would hesi-tate to roam as freely as I did in Dubai,” she said. Brigade Road Shopkeep-ers’ Association president Suhail Yusuf said: “Going by how crowded Brigade Road is, the need for better security for employees is genuine.” Senior police officials, however, say they’re up to the challenge of keeping an eye on things round the clock. “This is a free city and if it has to be open 24/7, then the police department would have no problem and will work to ensure citizens’ safety,” a po-lice officer said.


Hoteliers suggest staying open for longer hours before going for all-nighters. Ashish Kothare, Bengaluru chapter head of National Restaurant Association of India, said: “Maybe Bengaluru should start with baby steps. Perhaps hotels could operate only till 2 am at first and slow-ly move to a 24/7 system. To turn a 24/7 city at one sh? requires a lot of planning.” Many feel the proposed move will open up more job opportunities. Lola Prasad, a homemaker, said: “It will add thousands of jobs besides providing flexibility and convenience for residents.” Shobha SV, a homemaker, suggested that medical shops and convenience stores could stay open 24/7. “Having malls open every day makes little sense to me. Perhaps they could be open day and night for special occasions and festivals,” she said. Vidya Rao, a real estate professional, said: “I think it is a waste of resources to have all establishments open 24/7. After sometime the novelty will be lost.”

Source: TOI

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