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More Indians dine out than ever! Delhiites throng to restaurants the most



Gone are the days of family feasts and daily home cooked culinary delights. These days, more and more Indians are now eating out. ‘Family get together’, for instance, is the most common reason for Indians dining out. With several reasons such as busier lifestyles, disposable incomes and quirky food choices, consumer choices are fast changing in India when it comes to dining out. Plus, it is also more convenient to order food online. According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association of India, Asian food is the most served cuisine at full service restaurants. Notably, Indian consumers are eating out nearly seven times every month!

Way back in the 80s, dining out was something special that most Indians did only for the most special occasions in life. Rewind to your childhood days and consider how many times your parents may have dined out. Come back to the present – it is clear as crystal that the frequency of dining out has increased by leaps and bounds.

Now dining out has become a way of life, that requires no special occasion as such. It could be to simply chill out after a stressful day or catch up with friends over a cup of coffee or it could even be to fulfill a craving for a dish that one read up about on the Internet.

Increasingly, Indians enjoy spending time at cafes. The study indicates that coffee shops and cafes are a popular format for the price-conscious audience, mostly college students and office-goers as well as couples and families.

Simply put, Indians no longer need a reason to dine out. As per the recent study, the national average of Indians dining out is almost 6.6 times every month. In particular, Delhiites are right at the top of the list, as they dine out six times a month, indicating that they are not just die-hard foodies but they simply cannot get enough of the local food as well.

But guess which city is the top spender when it comes to dining out?

It is Bengaluru, where ordering North Indian food is a clear favourite with the consumers. Brace yourself to be surprised that South Indian food isn’t tempting them as much!

Also, note that Mumbai ranks as the largest organised food service market in the country.

As per the survey by National Restaurant Association of India, better delivery models, more convenience and better packaging are factors that can boost home deliveries. No doubt, today’s restaurateurs are transforming India’s food service industry in myriad ways. Cloud kitchens are already a reality. These
technological advancements are fast becoming a major attraction for foodies.

A perusal of 2018 Restaurant Success Industry Report throws up some valuable pointers such as follows:

Successful restaurants invest in structure, communication, and resources for their new hires.

To be more successful, restaurants should focus less on bringing new customers in and more on giving their current guests a better overall experience.

About 73% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their guest experience. Interestingly, kiosks can generate ticket sizes 5-10% higher on average compared to counter orders.

Summing up, it emerges now that restaurants that utilize more modern technology features are also more likely to see a growth in profit. The ‘ultimate test’ is nailed down by one thing – good food quality that tickles your taste buds so beautifully that you want to sample it all over again.

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