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McDonald’s may serve breakfast all day to all India


The target is the corporate segment. Its timing in metro locations is from 07-11:00 hrs, while in smaller cities its from 09-11:00 hrs.

McDonald’s is evaluating the possibility of extending its All-Day Breakfast campaign in the United States to Indian cities as well, hoping corporate clients, in particular, will subscribe to the idea of eating out-of-home breakfast.

“McDonald’s is keen to build out-of-home breakfast as a category in India and at this point evaluating the possibility of All-Day Breakfast campaign here. We would try to build our breakfast along with our McDelivery Service,” said Ranjith Paliath, vice-president (business operations), McDonald’s India (West & South), overseeing 213 restaurants.

McDonald’s breakfast menu comprising wholesome and grilled platter with veg/egg and sausage muffin, hash brown, hot cakes with maple syrup along with with McCafe offerings, is available across its breakfast serving outlets between 07-11:00 hrs in India. In smaller cities, the restaurants open at 09:00 hrs. However, the menu is not available beyond 11:00 hrs, after which the regular menu is offered.

The All-Day-Breakfast campaign, launched in the US since October, intends to liberate breakfast. Amid slumping sales, the move according to McDonald’s is the biggest strategic decision since 2009 when the fast-food chain introduced its McCafe line. It has been running an All-DayBreakfast campaign on social media platform Twitter for its US customers, talking about breakfast availability beyond 10.30 hrs in the US.

“While our focus is on developing awareness of our breakfast offerings and creating demand at this point, in the long term, it would naturally evolve in that direction (All-Day-Breakfast),” said Rajesh Kumar Maini, GM, corporate communication, McDonald’s India (North & East).

Breakfast is fast becoming a sweet spot for the quick-service restaurant segment across the world. “It is already one of our fastest growing business platforms,” said Maini. With close to 18% of the breakfast-consuming people in India eating outside home, there’s room for growth, reckoned Paliath. “In the long run, we are bullish on collaborating with B2B for breakfast,” he said.

Source: Economic Times

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