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‘Lizard milkshake’ creates confusion at Mumbai restaurant


The Western Inn mgt claims it was a dust particle, the guests fought hard for an apology letter.

The Hotel Western Inn restaurant in the Mumbai suburb of Vasai was accused of serving a ‘live lizard’ in a milkshake. The incident happened on July 11 and the guests created a ruckus late into the night after they found the lizard, which forced the restaurant to give them an apology letter.

On July 11 Raju Naik and family visited the popular restaurant, the vanilla milkshake milkshake was part of the order. The family got into a tiff with the restaurant management and demanded an apology letter. The family was upset over the lackadaisical attitude of the cooking staff, but the family refused to leave even till 01.30 hrs, despite the police officials requesting them to leave the place. The family left the premises only after taking the apology letter which mentioned that there were dust particles and not a lizard.

The post went viral on the social networking sites and it also claims that the restaurant restaurant staff threatened the Naiks by boasting about their political links. Confirming the incident, Mahesh Shetty, manager of Hotel Western Inn, said, “The family had claimed that they were served a live lizard in a milkshake, but when we checked the drink, we found dust particles, but they demanded an apology letter,” said Shetty.

Shetty added that the family did not leave the restaurant and created ruckus and thus, they had to issue the apology letter. “They left at 1.30 am, but we have preserved the milkshake,” he said.

Calling it an arm-twisting tactic, Prakash Hegde, president of Vasai Taluka Hotel Association, said, “We are coming across several patrons who do not wish to pay bills and indulge in petty acts like mixing insects and glass pieces inside the food and then blame the restaurant. We have decided to install overhead CCTVs to monitor patron’s movement and will be holding the meeting to sort these issues,” said Hegde.

Source: DNA

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