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Le Cirque to bring its two casual dining brands to India; Circo & Beach Club


No timeline as yet is given for the introduction of Circo and Beach Club by Le Cirque. Will experiment with online deals & discounts.

Famed French-Italian restaurateurs Le Cirque International will be expanding their presence in India with with two of its casual dining brands.

Known for its fine dining eponymous brand Le Cirque, the company wants to go beyond its three locations at The Leela in Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai.

“India is a great market to be in because, like many other parts of the world, there is a lot more interest in food, fine-dining and eating out,” said Carlo Mantica, CEO, Le Cirque International.

The other brands in its portfolio include Le Cirque Cafe and Sirio Ristorante. It is seeing 10% year-on-year growth in its Indian business which is expected to grow with the pro-tourism initiatives of the government. “The new government has certainly energised the country and its image abroad. Every time I come to India, there are new infrastructure developments such as airport or highways, which is good for the hospitality industry as it helps in boosting tourist inflow,” he said.

While Le Cirque is a more formal restaurant, Circo is a lot more casual and suitable for most of the markets. Goa is a likely destination for The Beach Club by Le Cirque.

Adapting to the Indian market, Le Cirque is expected offer online deals to attract the millennial market. “Deals, discounts in particular, is not a part of our brand DNA. But it is something we would like to experiment with. It doesn’t change the economics of our restaurant but we would like to try something new which will help us attract more young generation to come and try our brand,” says Mantica.

Its New York restaurant offers cut-rate meals through discount sites such as Amazon and Groupon.

Source: Economic Times

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