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India Nightlife Convention and Awards 2016′ to bring pubs, clubs under one roof


Mumbai, June 4 (ANI): One of the most vibrant and fastest growing industries in India, the nightlife industry, will soon be coming together to support and uplift the revenue generation to contribute largely to the economy of the country.

Kick start Entertainment and National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) announced ‘Danke presents India Nightlife Convention and Awards (INCA) 2016’ in association with Johnnie Walker , which will take place on July 17 and 18 at the St Aegis Hotel in Mumbai.

It will be the first platform specifically designed to bring together and recognize the various stakeholders of nightlife industry.

Seen supporting this initiative, were guest of honor Arjun Rampal (Owner, LAP) , Ex Miss India Natasha Puri, DJ Akbar Sami, DJ Clement and more.

Aman Anand, Director of Kick start Entertainment said, “We are proud to present a huge prospect to the industry enthusiasts to gain insights and the personal experiences of International renowned speakers as well as to felicitate the best in the bar and nightlife industry. The event which attracts attendees from across India is a key forum for vendors to connect and develop a social network thereby helping them build their customer base”.

The convention includes business and informational workshops with some of the industry’s most influential entrepreneurs with an aim to expand the presence of exhibitors and enhance the scope of Mentor ship program. It is an event by the industry, of the industry and for the industry.

Following the convention would be the awards ceremony recognizing the best from the bar and nightlife industry.

“National Restaurant Association of India strongly supports the India Nightlife Convention & Awards” said Riyaaz Amlani, President, NRAI.

“The Contribution of the Nightlife industry also known as PBCLs (Pubs, Bar Cafes, and Lounges) to the nations GDP and employment has largely gone unrecognized. Currently there are over 6200 licensed bar premises, contributing over 11,500 crores to the Indian economy growing at an astonishing CAGR of 20% making it the fastest growing Industry in the country outperforming the Indian IT Industry and beating GDP growth rates 3x employing over 20 Lakh people,” he said.

“The Nightlife business is also the fastest growing segment in the overall foodservices space, growing twice as fast as QSRs and Casual Dining segments. The time has come for the Nightlife industry to be recognized as an independent booming Industry of its own,” he added.

Gaurav Gupta CEO, Danke Exim India Pvt. Ltd also stated, “We are very proud to be a part of INCA as there cannot be a better platform than this to announce the launch of Danke to the who’s who of the Nightlife industry and we look forward to redefine the beer culture in India.” (ANI)

Source: Deccan Herald

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