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Here’s how this Mumbai restaurant is redefining sushi for Indians


Indians have been eating out a lot more and with disposable income on the rise, this trend is all set to rise. While most Indians prefer to stick to Indian food and snacks while eating out, many are embracing new cuisines with Chinese being on the forefront of it all.

Wok Express is a Chinese QSR Brand based out of Mumbai which is stirring the pot by making not just Chinese but different Asian cuisines available to its customers at a reasonable price point. The two-year old brand currently has 12 outlets across Mumbai and while it sticks to the box concept, the brand is trying to clear misconceptions about one of their least popular menu items- Sushi.

To make people open to trying Sushi, Wok Express has introduced the ‘Sushi Festival’, a week-long celebration to commemorate globally renowned ‘International Sushi Day’ from June 12 to June 18, with a crafted kitchen menu for this special occasion both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The menu items don’t only celebrate sushi, but they’re also trying to break moulds by introducing ingredients like chicken and corn into the roll instead of ‘raw fish’ which most Indians shy away from.

Priced at INR 285 for the vegetarian options and INR 335 for the non-vegetarian options, this is a sushi you won’t mind trying.

Source:  Business Insider India

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