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Gujarat’s first giant floating restaurant launched at Dumas beach


SURAT: Dumas, the most popular beach famous for its varieties of bhajias, will be offering more fun to the diamond city residents. It is here that Gujarat’s first floating restaurant has been started at Kadi Falia in Dumas’s Mahadev Ovara to offer a unique dining experience to the fun-loving Surtis and the tourists visiting the city.

The ship designed on the pirates theme is known as ‘Pirates Voyage’. The floating vessel, which is 30 meters long and 12 meters in width, has the capacity to accommodate around 200 people on its lower and upper decks. The estimated cost of this floating restaurant is pegged at Rs 8 crore.

A similar floating restaurant was inaugurated on December 31, 2015 at Narmada Park on the banks of river Narmada in Bharuch. This restaurant, however, is closed due to shallow water conditions in the river from the last several months.

The Pirates Voyage is owned by the city-based PP Savani group’s Mahesh Savani, an educationist, businessman and social worker known for his unique social obligation for adopting the fatherless girls and marrying them on his own expense.

It took more than a year to construct the floating restaurant. The group had hired marine engineers and naval architects to design the floating vessel.
The vessel is designed on the theme of pirates. The people visiting the vessel will be taken to the pirates world and they will be served dinner in the same manner. There is a combination of garden and gazebo for the entertainment of the fun-loving Surtis.
“The floating vessel is right on the Dumas beach at Kadi Falia. The water is shallow and when there is high tide, the vessel floats. We have sought the permission from the Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) to sail deep in the sea to give a unique dining experience to the people in the midst of the sea. All process has been completed and we are awaiting the permission shortly” says owner of Pirates Voyage, Mitul Mahesh Savani.
According to Savani, the diamond city lacks in recreational facilities. Apart from its social obligation, the PP Savani group thought of providing a unique recreational facilities to the residents in the form of a floating restaurant. It is a success now.
Source: TOI
(Photo: media2.intoday)

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