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‘Doll-like’ employee draws huge crowds at McDonald’s Taiwan


The restaurant is drawing huge crowds, not to eat, but just to look & take pics with her. The manager is not happy.

A female employee of a McDonald’s outlet in Taiwan became the center of Internet’s creepy attention when a smitten customer posted her candid pictures on his blog. The female cashier, Wei Han Xu or Weiwei, was described by the social media fraternity as possessing distinctive ‘doll-like’ features, resembling an anime character. The internet is going ballistic over her good looks and she’s also reportedly dubbed as ‘McDonald’s Goddess’. Apparently, she is a college student who has worked part-time at the fast food chain for the past five years.

Scores of people have been reportedly lining up outside McDonald’s in Da’an District of Taipei City only to catch a glimpse of her. But as it turned out, Weiwei is no stranger to the camera. She has her own Instagram account full of selfies and other pictures.


Image: Tumblr

While Weiwei may be enjoying the social media stardom, her manager is not amused. “Weiwei’s manager isn’t too happy about the buzz because many of these fans tend to crowd at the counter trying to talk to or snap photos of her, and if she’s not on duty they end up leaving without making a purchase,” says a local news report.

Source: Indian Express/Internet

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