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Dogs are now welcome in New York restaurants


The bill was passed unanimously to allow dogs in the outdoor areas of New York restaurants.

Past health and safety laws had made it illegal to bring dogs to any restaurants in the state of New York. This was to prevent the spread of diseasesState lawmakers voted in May to let people bring dogs to restaurants that have tables outdoors. These areas are often called patios.

Late Monday night, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the law. New York joins California, Florida and Maryland in the list of states with similar lawsIn many European countries, bringing dogs to restaurants is common. Paris has allowed dogs to accompany their owners in restaurants for a long time.

Several special rules are included in this law. The dogs must be on a leashDogs must not share water bowls. Also, restaurants can choose to let people bring dogs or not.

But, not all New Yorkers are happy about this new law. Christopher Miller is the spokesman for the New York City Department of Health. He told the New York Daily News that letting dogs in restaurants could cause problems“The Health Department loves all dogs, but just not at restaurants where they can create a risk to the health and safety of diners, restaurant workers and other dogs,” Miller said.

New York City is often the source of new trends and attitudes in the US. A law forcing some restaurants in the city to show the amount of calories in the food they served passed in 2009. Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg tried unsuccessfully to stop the sale of large amounts of soft drinks in 2012. Cigarette smoking was made illegalin restaurants in 1993.

Governor Cuomo believes that this new law will help businesses grow by attracting dog owners. He also said this lawstrikes the right balance” between health laws and flexibility for businesses.

Source: Voice of America

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