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DJs transformed Chennai night life



The DJ scene is getting so busy now that the youth of Chennai are not only investing their time in this but making it their profession as well.

Are you thinking about partying? Then recall the quote about “DJs being the new rock stars” by Tiesto, the famous Dutch DJ and record producer. For a long time we were used to hearing that Chennai is “a metropolitan city not having a night life like other metros.” This statement belongs to the past. The DJs are now saying, “We have started working to entertain your night in Chennai.”

The city’s night life has transformed in the last few years. The infusion of high quality work by DJs has helped in changing the city’s image and entertainment quotient and they are satisfying the people’s tastes calling for diverse beats. The DJ scene is getting so busy now that the youth of Chennai are not only investing their time in this but making it their profession as well.

Once known as the city that produced an infinite number of engineers and doctors, Chennai also picked up on its night life. It now has so many things to offer for the partying crowd who love to enjoy evenings of music and dance.  Whenever we think about a party, music comes to mind as the first requirement. Chennai has a vast culture and is witness to different cultures and languages. But the one thing which brings them all close is music.

Coming from a non-music background, DJ Kunal started DJing when he was in college and in pursuing his passion he saw so many ups and downs. With the support of his mother he has reached a spot now from where he can look back with satisfaction. His music genre is EDM Bollywood and he thinks the audience connects easily with that.  While he DJs for several clubs and hotels, he also plays music for celebrity house parties.

Another boy from Chennai who also came from a non-musical background is Abhishek Kapoor, who is known as AK in the world of DJs. He started on this road at the age of 18 and he never thought he would come this far.  “I strongly feel that DJ is a kind of magic which will take the audience on a musical journey. I play whatever the crowd demands – from banging beats to smooth sounds,” he said. He believes his technical skills and a bit of personal touch make him successful.

Awarded the Facebook —Chennai winner of ‘DJ Domination’ in 2013, DJ Amjad has been Dj-ing for the past six years. Belonging to a passionate genre of music and love to entertain the people, he marks the crowd from his style of music to offer stuff like ‘big room’, ‘deep house’, Bollywood, ‘commercial house’ and various kinds of house music. He is also known for his style of beat mixing, scratching, doubling and chopping.

This music lover can show you a long list of places where he has performed in several states and pubs, clubs and houses. Musician Vishnu is an engineer by profession but with a big passion for music. Vishnu’s ‘Wish-DJ’ made an entry in this field in 2012 and was awarded the best visual DJ in the same year by the turf club. After seven years of hard work in visual DJ-ing such as hip hop / pop and house, his popularity is soaring. He is now one of the most popular DJs.

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