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Delhi on front foot to defend reduction of drinking age


In the eye of the storm, Kapil Mishra, Delhi’s tourism minister is taking the lead to defend his support to reduce Delhi’s minimum drinking age limit to 21 years.

His statement at the NRAI’s 33rd AGM this Wednesday in support of the reduction on the drinking age has caused a storm of public sentiment in Delhi.

Among many proposals that the Delhi government is working on closely with the NRAI, Mishra’s comment on the drinking age reduction has caught the most attention. Yet, despite the controversy the tourism minister and his AAP government, are standing steadfast in their support to reduce the age limit, which in essence is a function of the Excise department.

A lower drinking age is also seen as a social issue, with critics linking it an increase in social incidents and drunk driving cases. “We are the NRAI are of the view that its better for those above 18 to drink in a controlled environment rather than in their homes, where excessive consumption is a possibility,” said Prakul Kumar, secretary general, NRAI.

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