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Czar of Indian cuisine Jiggs Kalra passes away



J. Inder Singh Kalra, popularly known as Jiggs Kalra passed away on June 3. The gastronome, restaurateur, food consultant, author, and columnist was known for bringing a wave of culinary revolution in India. While people remember him from his TV shows on Doordarshan, many associate his name with restaurants like Punjab Grill, Made in Punjab, Masala Library and Farzi Cafe.

In an interview with The Indian Express, his son, Zorawar Kalra once said about the legend, “His knowledge of Indian food is encyclopedic, and the passion he pursues it with is remarkable. He is extensively involved with our restaurants that focus on Indian cuisine and his DNA is in everything we do. He has a warrior-like passion to put Indian food on the global map.”

Not just with his son, Kalra has been behind the culinary success of numerous restaurants of ITC Hotels, The Oberoi Group, and The Park Group. He has also been a part of many Indian diplomatic contingents serving royalty like Princess Diana, Prince Charles, and Heads of States like Bill Clinton.

So how did the journey of this food writer start? Once, when the Maharana of Mewar asked him to get an F&B manager, a house keeper, and a manager for Shiv Niwas in Udaipur, he complied and arranged for people from Delhi to work there. But the Maharana then requested him to run Shiv Niwas for one season and that’s how Kalra found himself running a restaurant.

But he never stopped writing. In his lifetime, Kalra authored 11 books on Indian cuisine, among which is Prashad, considered the Bible for chefs in India and is also a part of the curriculum at many hospitality management institutions.

He might not be around anymore but his legacy will live on. Celebrities took to social media to speak about his immense contribution and share their condolences.





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