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Cafés, where coffee meets books


A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. You create memories, great moments and get involved in deep conversations. But, did you ever imagine that a lot more can happen at a coffee shop, if you are accompanied by coffee along with books.

Today, we’ll take you through a few coffee corners in the city that offer you the right ambience to read your favourite books by your favourite authors and leave the rest to your imagination.

The coffee cup

If you are looking for a place that lets you find a tranquil corner to indulge yourself in coffee and one fine book, then this should be your next stop. This café in Sainikpuri with its creative ambience has a collection of over 300 books is a good place for coffee addicts and bookworms, as it displays the books on comics, national geography, sci-fi, fiction and non-fiction.

cafés“The collection is replaced in the interval of three to six months. It also depends on what new and popular books have hit the market. If a book is in demand, we include it on our shelves,” says Venkat Reddy, manager of the cafe.

The Gallery Cafe

As you enter the café attached to the Kalakriti Art Gallery in Banjara Hills, you will find the place cosy, yet quirky, that just makes you want to spend more time amid the artfully created ambience and, of course, the books that are aligned in a shelf asking you to grab them quickly.
“Amongst the collection, we have Lashkar: Into the Heart of Terror by Mukul Deva, which is the one of the well-liked and most-read books,” says Supriya Lahoti of The Gallery Cafe.

Phoenix Arena

Here is another place in the city where you can sip coffee, munch your favourite snacks and also take the leisure to pick any book that captures your fancy from the collection of over 3,000 books available in different categories. The cafe also provides you the facility to pick your favourite book and take it to home.

cafés“The huge collection has been at our place for the past five to six months, and now we are arranging it in a more organised manner. Of the total collection, 80 per cent of books are novels in the genres of thrillers, sci-fi, horror, romance and other fiction works,” shares Adesh Yadav, in-charge librarian of Phoenix Arena.

Also occupying a pride of place in the collection are non-fiction categories including biography, autobiography, political science, psychology, philosophy, religion, encyclopedia and others.

“To name a few books, in our history collection, we have books that talk about history of England, autobiography of Dickie Bird and biography of Diana,” adds Adesh.

So, what moments will you be creating while sipping coffee, munching snacks and reading your favourite piece of work?

Source:  Telangana Today

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