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Bengaluru restaurateurs submit a letter to city police seeking parity in issuing music license



Even as the 107 hotspots in the city still cease to have music playing due to license issues, the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) chose to ask for parity by submitting a letter to the city’s police on Monday. A team from the NRAI met the Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime, to hand over a letter requesting for the same.

Manu Chandra, president of the NRAI’s Bengaluru Chapter, says, “NRAI has put in an official representation saying that one cannot pull the plug in the city and we are drawing parity to the rules in the rest of the country. Bengaluru now is the only city in the country where a requirement like this is in place and everywhere else it has been taken off and it doesn’t exist. We understand that there are rules and practices and are willing to abide by them. We just seek parity in the implementation like the way it is across the country.”

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