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Beer we go


For many, a tall glass of chilled beer remains one ofthe most popular ways to beat the heat. Here are some exciting brews to try this season 

The countryis experiencing a record-breaking heat wave this year—in fact, Phalodi in Rajasthan sizzled at 51 degrees Celsius earlier this month, the highest temperature recorded in the country since 1956.

So how does one beat the heat? There are myriad ways to do so, like eating light, staying indoors, etc, but one of the most popular remains a tall glass of chilled beer. Beer drinkers will vouch for the refreshing relief a swig of the cold alcoholic beverage provides against the searing heat. What’s more interesting is that consumers today aren’t restricting themselves to specific favourites. Walk into any bar or bistro and you will see patrons swigging brands like the 571-year-old Belgian Hoegaarden, the American pale lager Budweiser or the Chinese beer Tsingtao.

Craft brewing is another rage primarily because beers made through this process contain traditional or innovative ingredients like mango, honey, basil, coconut, etc. “Consumers today prefer fresh craft beer over bottled beer. In the past eight years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of microbreweries, especially in Gurgaon.

Craft beers are widely accepted for their low alcohol content and rich character,” says Ishan Grover, a master brewer with Gurgaon-based RJ Brewing Solutions, which provides design support and facility planning for breweries. As per ratings agency Moody’s, India currently accounts for 13 % of the world’s beer consumption.

Not surprisingly then, the country is attracting a lot of foreign attention. Take, for instance, Playboy Enterprises. The US-based lifestyle com-pany recently launched Playboy Beer Garden in Pune.


The Beer Café, a popular beer chain in the country, has introduced the concept of ‘cutting beer’, which is basically a smaller serving of your favourite beer. It’s not only easy on the pocket, but also perfect for those looking fora quick gulp of their preferred brew without getting drunk. Different brands of draught beers are served in customised cutting glasses, giving enthusiasts a chance to try a wide variety.


Launched in India in April, this Czech beer’s smooth taste and aroma is achieved through the use of saaz (a variety of a flower called hop) and Czech Sladek (a high-yielding, saaz-type aroma hop), combined with carefully-selected barley malt. Grown in the Czech Republic, these hops give the beer its earthy, fruity aroma. A mild version of the beer will be launched in the first half of June.


Mahou India, a subsidiary of Spanish brewing company Mahou-San Miguel, currently has three beers under its portfolio: Mahou 5 Star, Mahou Clasica and Dare Devil.

MAHOU 5 STAR: Mahou 5 Star, produced with the finest varieties of hops and yeast, is the company’s flagship product and stands out for its golden colour and distinctively mild taste.


UK’s Witlinger recently announced two new variants: Witlinger Wheat Ale and Witlinger Lager. While Wheat Ale is a Belgium-style wheat beer with a taste of orange zest and spices, Lager is a premium beer with a smoother taste.


Mahou Clasica is a premium lager that comes with a tinge of fruity flavours. It has a bright golden colour and a faint malt aroma. A scrumptious drink, it has very light balsamic hints with a bitter finish.


A product in the semi-premium category, Dare Devil has a slightly bitter malt aroma with fruity flavours.


Indian at heart, but with a touch of French, Belgian and Bavarian ingredients, Bira91 has become one of the most popular beer brands in the country. Some news reports also say it’s the largest-selling premium beer in Mumbai and New Delhi. Currently, it has two variants: Blonde Lager and White Ale.


Made with the choicest two-row barley (a type of barley), Bira Blonde Lager is extra-malty with a delicate aroma.


It is a delicious wheat beer, which has low bitterness and a hint of spicy citrus, with a soft finish.

Source: Financial Express
(Photo: wanderlust)

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