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Ban lifted but beef missing from The Table


Chefs, restaurants playing it safe; want to read fine print of new ruling before putting meat back in menus.

Earlier this month, the Bombay High Court relaxed a ruling that made it illegal to consume or store imported beef in Maharashtra. In the same judgment, it upheld the government’s ban on slaughter of cows and bullocks in the state. But if non-vegetarians are hoping for beef to be back on the menu, they might be disappointed.

Many restaurants in the city haven’t fully embraced the new judgment and are adopting a `wait and watch’ attitude. Among them is Manu Chandra , chef and partner, The Fatty Bao, Monkey Bar and Toast & Tonic. He says, “We haven’t got all the details yet. I don’t want to get a new system in place only to have the order revoked’.

Even five-star establis ments are being cautio Jasjit Singh Assi, Hotel Manager, Four Seasons, Mumbai, says, we are waiting on the exact regulations before we make changes. Once we received legal couns what kind of beef, where it should be brought in state from, we shall sider how to move for and if we shall start serving beef again.

The ban on beef, imposed nearly a year ago, had received severe backlash. Chef Irfan Pabaney of The Sassy Spoon believes that the ban was unjustified in the first place. The latest development has made him more positive about the future. “Even if slaughter isn’tallowed yet, import of beef from other states is a step in the right direction,” he says. While his restaurant hasn’t made any change to their existing menu, Pabaney is keen to import beef from Karnataka and Goa.

Gauri Devidaya owner of The Table, shares Pabaney’s opinion in importing beef from those states. “The court has shown wisdom in balancing cultural sensitivity with pragmatism. It ould be crazy for us to not take advantage of the ban being ifted,” she says. For some establishments, beef of or no beef, it’s business as usual.

Anurag Katriar, CEO & Executive Director, de-Gustibus Hospitality Pvt. Ltd (Indigo and Tote on the Turf) reveals that the meat procured from their local suppliers was and will always be water buffalo meat. “We’ve always supported the local market by never importing any other forms of beef. The meat used in our beef dishes is water buffalo. “.

Source: Economic Times
(Photo: restaurant-hospitality)

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