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An Asian delight for the family



New Delhi: Pan-Asian is the most-ordered cuisine after Indian, in a country of a varied culinary taste.

“With people becoming more conscious about their health, they have gained more interest in healthy food options. That’s the reason Pan-Asian food has become more popular as it has the healthy tag attached to it with steamed and stir-fried items with minimum usage of cream and butter. As most food is made to order it is easily customizable to guest requirements,” Kabir Advani, Managing Director, Berco’s Chain of Restaurants told IANSlife. Berco’s, a chain of pan-Asian restaurants, came up in 1982 and operates more than 40 outlets across India.

Advani says that the ingredients used in Pan-Asian food are not easily found in Indian homes, as a result people prefer to order in. With Covid-19, people prefer to eat within the security of their home, and so the restaurant has made sure to take all home-delivery precautions. Contactless delivery and a temperature card noting the temperatures of the chef, packer and delivery executive accompany the sumptuous food.

For the more conscious diner, this extra mile could help take their mind off worries and focus on the food itself. While Asian food is known for its non-vegetarian delicacies, Berco’s delights with its range in the vegetarian category as well; it has an option to customise food without onion and garlic, making it an experience for the whole family.

“People are majorly dependent on delivery which has seen a huge surge post Covid, and also there is a focus on better packing in order to follow safety protocols. Food with immunity boosters have gained popularity,” says the food chain’s managing director.

“In the Pre-covid period, things were much easier and free. People used to socialise more, go out to dine and also was some kind of entertainment in restaurants was popular earlier; but now in this post covid era, eating out and having fun has not been the same. There is always a fear of getting infected, whenever we step out of homes and people are more concerned about hygiene and how the food is being prepared safely,” he noted about the post-Covid dining.

Asked about the new trends being observed now and consumers preferences, he points to people having faith in trusted brands, going for tamper-proof packing and DIY kits.

“Home cooking and safe food delivery with enhanced packaging is also our consumer preference. Along with the safe packaging, now consumers are interested in safe food preparation and the kinds of ingredients that have been used in the preparation. All ingredients with immunity boosters have been seen in the food and drinks.”

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