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After Demonetisation, it’s time for ‘Muttonization’ with Carl’s Jr. Mutton Burgers


After completing a year of treating the taste buds of its customers, California based premium burger chain Carl’s Jr. now launches its ‘Muttonization’ drive to woo its patrons.

Carl’s Jr. introduces its latest Big, Bold and Juicy Mutton burgers with 4 variants: Korma Mutton (Price: Rs. 219), Mint Mutton (Price: Rs. 229), Awesome Onion Mutton (Price: Rs. 259) and Mutton Famous Star (Price: Rs. 199).

Chargrilled, juicy and flavorful, these burgers will be loved by meat lovers. The variants have sauces and builds that are appealing to different palettes. Mint sauce and Korma sauce are the typical flavors eaten with mutton.

Awesome Onion is a combination of crispy onions and a juicy patty with a Korma sauce and Famous Star is Carl’s Jr.’s classic burger served with Mutton.

According to Samira Chopra, Director, Cybiz BrightStar Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (Carl’s Jr. India) “We are thrilled to finally launch our Mutton burgers. There was a keen interest for Mutton when we launched Carl’s Jr. in 2015, so we are very excited for our guests to finally taste our products. After chicken, mutton is the next protein most non-vegetarians indulge in. Our flavorful chargrilled patty is the perfect combination of juicy and hot and we are sure meat lovers will enjoy it!”

Carl’s Jr. launched its first restaurant in India on August 8, 2015 in Saket, New Delhi. Cybiz BrightStar has opened two more company owned outlets in Delhi/NCR region since the brand launch and its all set to launch its fourth outlet in Gurgaon region.

Carl’s Jr.’s expansion plans include opening a minimum of 100 restaurants in India over the next 10 years of operation, through company-owned and franchised restaurants.

Globally, Carl’s Jr. is renowned for its menu innovation and premium high quality of offerings, which include Chargrilled Burgers, Hand-Breaded Chicken and Hand-Scooped Real Ice-Cream Milkshakes.

Additionally, in India, Carl’s Jr. is the first QSR to serve Beer or have an all-you-can-drink beverage bar, first QSR to serve lettuce-wrapped Low-Carb burgers and globally, the first QSR to serve Chargrilled Paneer Burgers.

Carl’s Jr. has been endorsed by renowned international celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Padma Lakshmi and Paris Hilton in the US and Yuvraj Singh in India. It’s innovative marketing strategies allows Carl’s Jr. to connect with an aspirational target demographic of young and hungry guys and girls between the ages of 18 to 40, but the products appeal to the burger lover in everyone no matter what one’s age.

Source: Business Standard

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