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AdUrCup gets DineOut’s seed funding for ads on delivery packaging idea


AdUrCup, a Delhi-based start-up that shares revenue with restaurants from ads it places on their delivery packaging has just completed its seed funding from the founders of Dineout.

The service includes procurement of packaging wares for food delivery which is then discounted by 70% via revenue generated from third-party ads on the packaging.

For advertisers this works as a mechanics to deliver a hyper local personalized advertising campaigns to customers when they get their food & drinks. As a market, OOH in India is pegged to be at INR 25 billion, and experts suggest it to be a much bigger play vis a vis the mentioned numbers, as this is a deeply unregulated and fragmented industry.


The company is founded by the four-man team Nitin, Harshit, Kushang & Abhishek. Currently, operating in Delhi-NCR, AdUrCup has registered 200+ QSRs, large food delivery players and travel food services providers, with expansion plans to expand to Mumbai, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad by November ’15.

This seed round was by Dineout’s founders in their personal capacity; Ankit Mehrotra, Sahil, Vivek & Nikhil.

“Adurcup is an automated hyperlocal advertising tool. They are creating a unique offline ad network already reaching more than 25,000 consumers daily across Delhi NCR and more than 5,000 consumers each day on trains. They are connecting the brand to the consumer at a fraction of the cost incurred through the digital platforms, and at a moment when the consumer has spare time. This represents an exciting opportunity for brands to interact directly with their customers,“ said Mehrotra.

“We are excited to see the progress AdUrCup has made. We believed in them and have faith, with right kind of mentors ACCELERATE has brought onboard, will serve as a strong foundation to this startup,” said Ashu Agrawal, Director, BW ACCELERATE.

Source: Tech Circle

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