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5 hospitality trends that will dominate 2019



It’s that time of the year when hospitality businesses have a renewed focus on the trends that will define the upcoming year. Every industry undergoes certain changes each year and the hospitality industry is no different. With increasing competition in the hospitality market, it has become important for brands to adopt and implement new trends that are likely to dominate the market. Whether it’s a five star luxury chain or a resto bar, hospitality businesses can no longer ignore these trends.

The year 2018 witnessed an emergence of quite a few offbeat and unusual trends. From keto menus to hyper local sourcing, restaurants have taken keen interest in implementing some of the trends. These trends will continue to exist along with some new ones that will take the center stage. Here are a few upcoming hospitality trend that are sure to make a mark in 2019

* Master the social media game: If you run a hospitality business, you must be well aware about the impact social media can have on your business. In the age of instagram and facebook, getting noticed and discovered is fairly easy. However, turning that visibility into brand loyalty requires consistent efforts. They key is to have a dedicated team to plan social media campaigns and events that can elevate your brand.

* Managing bad reviews and negative incidents also play a crucial role in maintaining your brand image. Many brands tend to respond to reviews without considering the sentiments in the review. Responding with a pre set response can backfire quite badly.  Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the review in the hope that no one will notice. Always write back to the customer with a possible solution to make the experience better next time.

* Going green: From eco friendly decor to in house waste management techniques, going green is not merely a buzzword for restaurants now. Opting for locally grown produce, managing their food waste in house, avoiding plastic straws, using organic ingredients, energy efficient appliances are some of the green practices that are sure to grow in popularity in 2019. When a restaurant adopts eco friendly practices it creates a positive image about the brand from a customer’s perspective and it can be a major selling point.

* Healthy menus: With more and more youngsters opting for a healthier lifestyle, healthy menus will continue to dominate this year. Fried and processed foods are a big time no-no whereas fruits, vegetables, non-refined sugar are given a green signal. Fresh, healthy, organic, vegan, gluten free food, consumers today are increasingly insisting upon natural and healthy food.

* Art of plating: ‘Eat with your eyes’ is popular trend that’s catching up. The color of the food and the way it’s setup on the plate is as important as its taste. For cocktails, it’s not merely about what you drink, it’s about what you drink it IN. Millennials today enjoy a multi sensory eating and drinking experience. Creating ‘instagram’ worthy dishes is the new way to build a buzz among target audience. Whether it’s a fried appetizer, a dramatic cocktail or sinful dessert, a series of posts on instagram can be a crowd puller.

Creating a private experience:Eating out is no longer merely about the food, it’s about the experience as a whole. Regular consumers crave for a touch of personal attention and a curated experience.  Restaurants and hotel chains can create a sense of belongingness to the customer by creating tailor made experiences for them

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