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Top restaurant food trends of the decade



The decade has seen a tremendous growth spurt in the food and beverage industry. From the rise of food tech and home delivery start-ups to casual dining among others, the industry has gone through an array of new trends. Besides the many irresistible offers and combo deals, diners are also in for unique themes and innovative concept dining options being offered by various new eateries. This decade many restaurants and cafes came up with interesting concepts that were never heard of before; for example, cloud kitchens that have become a rage across India, especially in Delhi and Mumbai. Buffet-system has also taken off and how. Salad bars and raw food cafes have also found enough takers off late.


Here are a few restaurant trends that dominated India’s restaurant and food scene in the last decade.


1. Growth of food technology

The food technology industry has revolutionised the Indian start-up eco-system. It has contributed to almost all the versions of restaurant-experiences – be it exquisite fine dining to casual dining to the small scale ones. In the era of busy schedules and increasing disposable income, food delivery has become one of the most preferred options among the millennials. With the rise in demand for easy meals just at the tap of a button, the country has witnessed an enormous growth of multiple food delivery apps.

2. The shift towards vegetarianism

People these days have started becoming more and more health conscious. Also, due to the availability of vegetarian alternatives of non-vegetarian dishes, a lot of them are exploring vegetarianism. Some are making the move purely due to health reasons. Many studies have shown that vegetarian food reduces the risk of high cholesterol and heart disease than most varieties of meat, which is most layered with fat. Also, it helps in easy digestion while as it improving your gut health. People like to experiment more with legumes, grains, fruits, vegetables and pulses as they are free from saturated fats and are usually more nutritious. This trend has witnessed the opening of more vegetarian restaurants as compared to their non-vegetarian counterparts.

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3. People’s preference for wholesome healthy foods

Due to health factors, people have started opting for healthy meals. Mostly, preferences have shifted from fried or spicy foods to baked, grilled or boiled food. People are opting to fit and many follow strict wellness regime which includes eating healthy as well. This results in a fair reduction of many health problems.


4. Casual dining becoming a more preferred dining choice

Casual dining has witnessed a tremendous growth in the industry as it opens up an informal environment. Here you don’t need to follow any dress code or any theme. Mostly preferred for after work outings or by college students, these restaurants not only provide good food which is also visually appealing but is also easy on your pockets.


5. The rise in demand for keto-friendly and gluten free food

Due to hectic schedules and lack of general activity, it is imperative to burn your body fats to remain healthy and energetic. Keto-friendly and gluten-free food has been an option not only among the younger generation but also amongst middle-aged individuals as well. With increasing heart diseases due to the rising body fat, keto is fast gaining popularity as a preferred food option. The industry has seen many organic cafes opening to cater to the requirements of these people.

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