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Tired of standing outside restaurants? Use this Google feature to reduce waiting time



Google has solved one of the biggest problems of our daily lives. The tech giant has just announced that it will show average wait times for over 1 million restaurants. This information will be based on anonymised data. So, if you are someone who eats at restaurants regularly, and are tired of waiting in line outside popular places, this is a feature aimed at you. From today, users will be able to check out the new feature whenever they search for a particular restaurant in local search either on phones or PCs. Additionally, Google is soon expected to launch a similar functionality for grocery stores as well.

How to use Google Wait Time? In order to access the new feature by Google, you will have to type the name of the restaurant you wish to visit. No tap on the listing in order to open and see the Popular Times feature. Now, if you click on the hours’ tab of the time when you wish to go to the place, and the company will provide you the estimated waiting time.

Recently, food and restaurant listing website Yelp had partnered with a company called Nowait to help users reduce waiting time at restaurants. This new feature enables users to remotely queue up and get rid of the physical lines. The feature is not really widespread as Nowait does not have much under its radar, so it may take time for it to become popular. However, Google’s feature is different. It has enabled users to skip the lines altogether.

Google Wait Time: The pink coloured bar shows the live setting in real time.

With the new Google Wait Times feature, you will probably have to wait for less duration outside famous restaurants and deal will fewer patrons. Similar things could soon happen to major grocery stores too.

Google is also reportedly working on a new feature that enables users to compare the specifications of various smartphones in Google Search page itself. Android Police reported that a few Google users can see detailed comparisons when they search for two devices with the term “vs” (versus) in the middle. For example, if your search “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Apple iPhone X”, Google will show the full list of difference in specifications of the device.

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