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This restaurant just set a record for using more than 100 types of cheese on one pizza



A Berlin restaurant has recently created a record of making the world’s ‘cheeziest pizza’, topped with at least 111 different types of cheese.

The pizza, crafted by an American pizza chef at the Berlin restaurant named Vadoli Pizzeria is topped with 288.6 grams of cheese. The Guinness World Records recognised the feat and was adjourned the “greatest variety of cheese on a pizza.”

According to Food and Wine, the chef used 111 different types of cheese on the pizza, which he did not even expand to hold that vast collection of melted dairy, but rather kept the size of a regular pie.

Given the small size of the pizza, the American chef carefully measured out the same amount of each cheese to include on the pizza (exactly 2.6 grams). According to the Guinness World Records, he included “mozzarella, Emmental, Leicestershire red, Comte and Raclette de Chevre,” among other varieties, on the pizza.

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