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The longest island bar



At 200-FOOT, asia’s longest island bar makes its foray into the island city, in tow with a retail restaurant and a fashion bar.

Mumbai’s familiar stomping-ground Kamala Mills opened its doors to three swanky new restaurants last week, all under the same roof – Lord of The Drinks (second outlet in Mumbai), Plum by Bent and Rocky Star Cocktail Bar- a trifecta that reclaims the innovative restaurant title in the city.

Although the highlight is Lord Of The Drinks (LOTD) gigantic bar, which is also the longest bar in Asia, measuring a staggering 200 ft. For a city like Mumbai that is choc-o-block with alcohol thirsty patrons during the weekends, this place is sure to douse the agony of the never-ending wait list for a stiff swig.

The entrance of this property doesn’t give you an inkling of its massive 13,700 sq floor space, with room for 1,800 patrons at a time.

As Priyank Sukhija the CEO and MD of First Fiddle Company and the owner of LOTD rightly says, “We all need a bar that would save us from the relentless waiting quest at the bars. We go to multiple bars and find ourselves lost in the wait for the drinks.  I wanted to come up with a bar that would do justice to all my patrons. The party must go on.”


But besides it’s lengthy trail a bar must have the right kind of atmosphere, “Now if it’s a bar, your drinks and cocktails should speak for you. Give them something they want and make it big. A bar should look the part and its better if it’s spacious for everyone,” says Priyank and that’s exactly what LOTD is hinged on- space, taste and style.

Flanked by 22 bar tenders to match it’s span and a group of mixologists throughout the week, LOTD is true to its word, but not without a range of delectable pub-grub. Some of the must-try items are chicken 65 fries, easy quinoa bowl, masala corn cakes, and Southern fried prawns amongst others.

Besides, the 200-foot bar, what also strikes you about LOTD is it’s well-lit settings; it’s high-mirrored ceiling and its pompous display of liquor, suspended by tall wooden shelves from the ceiling. All designed by Saheba Singh from ‘This is it designs’.

On the right side of this huge bar stands Plum by Bent Chair that is India’s first retail restaurant showcasing all of Bent Chair’s quirky furniture and décor accessories made from polyresin that can be bought at the restaurant itself. The place is a biophilic sanctuary with a host of indoor plants and pools of natural light filling the room.

Talking about this fairly new concept, Natasha Jain, CEO and co-founder of Bent Chair throws light on her influences for this unique theme, “Restaurants usually showcase pop ups that aren’t necessarily for retail purposes. Plum by Bent Chair offers each and every product that one can see for retail.” Just like a true retail store, customers can also flip through catalogues while they enjoy the pan-Asian cuisine at the restaurant.

But the action doesn’t stop here. Taking it to a whole new level is designer Rocky S eponymous cocktail bar which is a blend of dramatic interiors and a mix of bold mid-century chic design ideology and Baroque styles. One would be easily intimidated by its mystic exuberance and high-end design.

What peaks your attention though is its special ‘travel’ menu put together by the well-travelled designer himself, each dish named after a city.

So what rules does one play by at a fashion bar after all, the designer promptly explains, “He says, ‘One has to have confidence to play the part, dress up and just get along. It’s a fashion bar so it’s expected of people to look chic and set trends if not follows them. A fashion oriented crowd will appreciate fashion coming from all avenues,” concludes Rocky.

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