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NRAI, the CCI investigation into Swiggy-Zomato will give restaurants a level playing field



The Competition Commission of India (CCI), a statutory body within the Ministry of Enterprises, has ordered an investigation into Zomato and Swiggy based on information submitted by the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) by order dated 4 April 2022. rice field. Year. NRAI looks forward to the positive results of this survey. This will open the way to a level playing field for all stakeholders in the ecosystem, he said in a statement issued today by NRAI. CCI has launched an investigation into Zomato and Swiggy (Bundl Technologies Pvt Ltd) regarding their dealings with restaurant partners, neutrality, alleged unfair pricing and other issues.

These pain points were sharply amplified during the pandemic as restaurants and cloud kitchens struggled to survive due to their increasing reliance on these aggregators. We submitted information to CCI on July 1, 2021, highlighting our concerns and issues regarding the functioning of the food aggregator platform, which should ideally function as a neutral marketplace. Zomato said CCI did not find any initial concerns about charging fees or alleged service bundling.

According to a statement, NRAI is very pleased that the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has ordered an investigation into Zomato and Swiggy with an order dated 4 April 2022, based on information submitted by NRAI last year. I’m in. “We are very pleased that CCI found merit in our submission highlighting the concerns of the restaurant industry. Note that over the last few years, NRAI has been working with both aggregators and relevant government agencies to resolve existing industry vulnerabilities related to aggregator operations.

“While investigating aspects such as the preferred list of restaurant partners and price parity across platforms, the Commission found no concerns regarding the Commission’s billing or our independence in the alleged bundling of services. “We will continue to work closely with the Commission to support its investigation and explain to regulators why all our practices comply with competition law and do not adversely affect competition in India.” We intend to respond promptly to the recommendations of ,” Mr Zomato said in a filing with BSE.

The competition watchdog said in Monday’s order: , it may prevent them from functioning as a neutral platform.” It justified a “detailed investigation of its impact” by the regulator’s investigative arm.

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  • NRAI, the CCI investigation into Swiggy-Zomato will give restaurants a level playing field
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