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Now, used cooking oil from eateries to be used for biofuel



JAIPUR: The Biofuel Authority of Rajasthan has decided to find a solution about the used cooking oil in the restaurants of the city that can be really harmful for public health.

The department has decided to register a few firms that will collect used cooking oil from various food outlets, hotels and restaurants of the city and sell it to the biofuel manufacturers. This decision is taken after the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) notified that if the Total Polar Compound (TPC) in the cooking oil is more than 25%, it is not suitable for use.

However, used cooking oil is never discarded. Either it finds its way to the small eateries/ restaurants or road side vendors. Or it is disposed of choking drains and sewerage system. As per the data made available by the department, out of the 23 million MT cooking oil consumed in India, three million MT of this can be used for the production of biofuel.

The deputy CEO of Biofuel Authority of Rajasthan, Maninder Singh while talking to TOI explained that the department within a week is planning to call for registration of the interested firms for the collection of used cooking oils. “We want big food outlets in the city to be connected. The restaurants can sell the used cooking oil from their outlet to the firm registered for collection which will further sell it to the biofuel companies working in the city. Through this medium, the used cooking oil will not reach to the small restaurants and street vendors,” said Maninder.

The authorities will even ask the food outlets to file the amount of used cooking oil being generated so that the oil won’t be sold in the black market. Biofuel is a green fuel that can be used as a diesel for engines. With the population rising, an alternative has to be found for petrol and diesel. Used cooking oil can be used for bio-diesel which will be environmental friendly.

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