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Now, a Khichdi-themed restaurant!



Even as producer JD Majethia and writer-director Aatish Kapadia are readying the third season of the wacky comedy Khichdi, plans are afoot to launch a restaurant on the same theme! People will get to savour different types of khichdi, and simultaneously watch some live comedy gigs. Says JD, “Eating out is not just about food, it’s about having fun and entertainment. Khichdi is considered a simple dish, but we will provide a vast variety in it. We want people to eat and enjoy, so as you are eating you will also laugh your guts out.”

Aatish, who is passionate about cooking, has already started thinking about preparing different types of khichdi. “I will also be joining a course to learn different kinds of cuisine, baking and start my own version of Bengali food.

Khichdi will, of course, be the mainstay of the restaurant, but we want people to enjoy all kinds of food. I also want to bring to the forefront cuisines of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh,” says Aatish, whose love for cooking made JD think of starting a restaurant. “Now, he has become my muse. Whatever I make, he is the first one to try and if he says I will make him break his rigid diet, then I know it is good,” laughs Aatish.

One of the USPs of the restaurant will be dishes named after the characters of the show. There will be a Hansa-Praful combo, Jayashree-Babuji dish, and so on. Says Aatish, “Apart from the different concoctions of khichdi that we will be making, there will also be a surprise for the patrons. For instance in the Hansa-Praful combo dish the person who has ordered it will be given an English word and he/she has to interpret the meaning. If they are correct one, they will get a 10 per cent discount. With the Jayashree-Babuji laddoo there will be a fortune cookie and the guest has to guess which dish Jayashree has given Babuji to make him more miserable and if it turns out correct, they will get a discount.” Not only that if the names/surnames of the patrons match with that of the characters, they will be given a discount. “If they share the name there will be 10 per cent discount and if they share both name and surname — like Praful Parekh — they will get 25 per cent discount,” reveals Aatish.

The duo is already in talks with people from the hospitality industry to shortlist the location. “We know some people from the industry with whom we are finalising the location, space etc. Once that’s done, we will launch it by next year,” says Aatish. JD adds that the first one will be set up in Gujarat. “We want to set up a chain and will be launching in Rajasthan, Punjab and Mumbai,” he signs off.

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