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Karnataka HC to bar owners: Ensure safety and security of women



BENGALURU: Don’t interfere with lawful businesses or issue oral directions to owners of bar and restaurants, the Karnataka high court on Friday directed Bengaluru city police as it disposed of a batch of petitions filed by Karnataka Hotels Bar & Restaurants Owners & Working Women Welfare Association and 27 bars and restaurants.

The petitioners had said police were orally ordering bars and restaurants not to employ women in violation of court rulings. Disposing of the petitions, Justice B Veerappa observed that the court would not like to interfere with proceedings initiated by police but pointed out that police cannot issue directions orally.

As regards bar owners, he directed them to ensure safety and security of their women employees, both at the workplace and during their travel to their home, especially during late hours. The owners were also told they should not conduct any live band/ dance/ music without obtaining a licence.

The court noted that in the best interest of Bengaluru, both parties should have cordial relations and act in a lawful manner.

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