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Get instant pizza at Mumbai Central with IRCTC’s automatic pizza vending machine



Waiting for trains can be tiresome, but what if there was pizza? IRCTC has installed instant pizza vending machine at the Mumbai Central railway station that prepares freshly-made pizza within five minutes, at a reasonable price.

With this, Mumbai Central has become the first railway station in India to get an instant pizza vending machine. The machine has been sourced from Yess Pizza, the first restaurant in India to serve instant pizza out of a machine.

To order pizza from the vending machine, commuters will have to insert money first and then choose the kind of pizza they want. After that, the machine kneads the pizza dough and flattens it into a thin crust base. Sauce and other toppings are put on top of it and then it is baked inside the machine. Once done, it is served to the customer, and it all takes only 5 minutes.

Along with pizza, sides like French fries and ice cream are also available. As for other stations, passengers can place an order with Domino’s Pizza two hours before their train’s arrival time. The pizza is then delivered to their seats.

Recently, IRCTC has been trying to improve the catering quality in trains. Installing automatic vending kiosks are railway stations is part of that initiative. The pizza vending machine, for example, promises to provide fresh food to commuter quickly and at affordable rates.

IRCTC has recently opened new base kitchens at Allahabad railway station in Gujarat, Balasore railway station in Odisha, Kharagpur, Sealdah and Howrah railway stations in West Bengal, and at Rajendra Nagar railway station in Patna. There are plans to open a base kitchen at New Delhi railway station as well, as per reports.

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